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Mace Appointed to Veterans' Affairs Committee

January 26, 2021
Washington - Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC-01) issued the following statement Tuesday after she was selected to serve on the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee:
“For decades, our brave veterans suffered systemic neglect from Washington. While significant strides have been made in recent years to ensure veterans get the support they deserve, these gains too often come only after horrific lapses in services and scandals are exposed.
“Too many veterans are still forced to wait too long for vital care. Too many veterans still struggle to transition to civilian life after their service. Too many veterans still face a nightmarish and unaccountable bureaucracy when they seek help.
“The fact is, despite the sacrifices our veterans make to defend our country, they aren’t among Washington’s top priorities. As a Member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, I will do everything in my power to ensure this changes and veterans get the care and support they’ve earned.”

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