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Washington doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem.

Despite federal tax revenues reaching record highs prior to the pandemic, deficit spending reached even higher levels. We’ve seen multiple years of multi-trillion dollar deficits - from both Democrats and Republicans - and now our national debt is now over $28 trillion, this amounts to over $85,000 per American.

Still, many in Washington claim the problem is the American people aren’t paying their “fair share.”

Only in Washington is taking more money from others by force a realistic solution for bad money management. When normal Americans or private businesses are spending more than they take in, they have to cut back and only spend what they absolutely must. They can’t just make up the difference by taking money from others.

No matter what many in Washington might say, there’s simply no way to tax our way out of the endless cycle of debt and deficits.

We must get serious about the “sacred cows” of waste which both Republicans and Democrats refuse to address and push forward true reforms which will get our debt under control. We must take a relentless approach to rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayer dollars by those whose only goal is to enrich themselves or to hang on to their own power.

We can’t let Washington politicians, bureaucrats, and their connected pals treat the American people like a bottomless ATM. If we don’t act quickly and seriously to balance the budget, our economy will be devastated, and our children will be forced to pay for our failure to act responsibly.

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