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Trade & Foreign Policy

International trade and good relations with foreign nations are absolutely vital to American prosperity and particularly to the prosperity of the Lowcountry.

Our region survives on the ability to bring millions of visitors from around the world here to spend time on our beaches, in our restaurants, and in our small businesses. South Carolina relies on unrestricted trade to send planes, cars, food, and countless other products made right here around the world. In fact, in 2018, South Carolina was the 14th largest state exporter of goods.

Doing anything to disrupt this flow of goods risks destroying an estimated 157,000 jobs and raising prices on things Lowcountry families buy each and every day. So, when Washington considers taxing products which come from abroad, or another country considers doing the same, it’s something which concerns all of us.

Keeping trade free, fair, and open with as many countries as possible is my top priority. Anything which might jeopardize this is something which shouldn’t be taken lightly, and must be discussed by Congress, not simply carried out by unelected bureaucrats. 

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