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Defense & Security

One of the federal government’s most basic responsibilities is to protect our country and our people from attack by those who wish to harm us. As the attacks on 9/11 showed us, we live in a hostile world, one filled with threats which can do incredible damage if we don’t take them seriously.

But, we can’t allow Washington to use these very real threats to keep our armed forces engaged in endless wars across the globe without any input from Congress or the American people.

Our Constitution gives Congress the exclusive authority to declare war because our Founders knew allowing a single person to take an entire country to war on their own was a massive risk to our liberty.

Aside from the very serious constitutional concerns, there are very simple moral ones at stake. When we fight, it’s the American people who do the fighting. Not politicians. This means the American people must have a say in deciding who, when, and where we fight through their elected representatives in Congress.

If we go to war, the very least we owe our brave troops is ensuring we follow the framework they’re being put into harm’s way to defend. 

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