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Better Government

Our Founders accomplished a monumental task when they drafted our Constitution over 230 years ago. The system of checks and balances and separation of powers they created has carried our country through immense challenges which would have caused other systems of government to collapse.

However, this system has been damaged by career politicians who have engaged in tricks and games to protect and expand their power in ways the Founders would be horrified by today. This has led to many serving decades in Congress, near-criminal degrees of waste and self-dealing, and a national debt our kids and grandkids will be forced to repay.

As a member of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, I’m committed to advancing common-sense reforms which will put a stop to this waste, fraud, and abuse once and for all.

A balanced budget amendment, congressional term limits, single-issue bills, and a ban on proxy voting and earmarks are all simple changes we can make which will go a long way toward restoring the vision of limited government our Founders had all those years ago.

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