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Parris Island

Parris Island is a fundamental part of the heart and soul of the Lowcountry, and our region is proud to play such an important role in our nation’s defense. Marines trained at Parris Island have served our country in every conflict we’ve been involved in for over a century. In addition, every woman who has ever served as a United States Marine trained at this base.

This installation creates over $800 million in economic activity each year and sustains over 6,000 jobs. But, closing this vital institution wouldn’t just be damaging to the Lowcountry, it would be detrimental to our national defense. 

I’m determined to protect Parris Island and I’ve introduced legislation which would protect the base from closure, ensuring the Lowcountry continues to do its part to train our brave marines for generations to come.

For more information concerning work and views related to Parris Island, please contact our office.

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