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The Constitution

I believe our Constitution is a sacred document. So sacred, I swore my oath of office with my hand placed on it.

For too long, politicians in Washington have ignored the restrictions placed on them in our Constitution whenever they were inconvenient. They view our Founders’ vision for a limited federal government as an impediment to their ability to enrich themselves instead of the foundational principles by which our representative democracy protects the rights of We The People.

What’s worse, we’ve seen politicians from both parties passionately defend constitutional principles when they feel it protects their own ideals, only to work tirelessly to undermine those same principles when they give the same protection to people they happen to dislike.

Our Founders specifically protected our right to privacy, due process, and to bear arms specifically to prevent the rise of a tyrannical government. But from the Patriot Act to encroachments on our Second Amendment rights, our constitutional rights have been under assault for decades now.

We can’t allow politicians to use the Constitution as a political weapon or use fear to disregard it whenever they please, and we must applaud those who defend the Constitution even when it costs them politically.

Each and every American has the right to practice their religion and express their opinion without government interference. Each and every American has the right to privacy, due process, and a fair trial. Each and every law-abiding American has the right to bear arms. Each and every state has the right to govern themselves without interference from Washington, as laid out in the Constitution.

The Constitution is a document that protects all of us, not just those we disagree with. I’m determined to uphold it, for each and every one of us.

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