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Civil Rights

Our justice system is supposed to protect the rights of each and every American, both from criminals seeking to do them harm as well as the government. There are millions of incredible law enforcement professionals determined to fulfill their oath to protect and serve the American people.

But over the last several decades, our justice system has failed us.

We put more of our nation’s population in prison than China, Russia, and North Korea. Just as my life has been a series of second chances, I am a firm believer that all persons can be redeemed. Instead of spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to keep people who aren’t dangerous behind bars, we can and must do better. At the same time, millions of Americans’ rights have been violated for years through schemes like “civil asset forfeiture”, which has robbed innocent citizens of billions of their hard-earned dollars.

I’ve spent much of my career getting vital criminal justice reforms put into law and I’m willing to work with anyone and everyone willing to work with me to get this done in Congress.

For more information concerning work and views related to Civil Rights, please contact our office.

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