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Mace: Congress Vote to Invoke 25th Amendment is Hollow Gesture

January 12, 2021
Washington Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC-01) on Tuesday issued the following statement regarding the vote to invoke the 25th Amendment: 
“Today, the House will see its second action in two weeks against the powers granted to them by the Constitution. Last week, some of my colleagues recklessly sought to overturn the Electoral College. They had no right or power to do this, and I opposed them with my vote and my voice. 
“Today, I do so again, as another group of my colleagues seek to pressure the Vice President to remove the President from office. Speaker Pelosi’s majority flies in the face of facts, knowing full well Congress has no role in initiating this action.
“The 25th Amendment allows, in extraordinary circumstances, for the Vice President and the Cabinet – NOT Congress – to temporarily or permanently remove the President from office if, and only if, he is unable to carry out his duties.
“Whatever you think of our current situation, Congress’ role in the use of the 25th Amendment is only to APPROVE the decision after it has been made, not a mechanism to force the hand of the Vice President and the Cabinet.
“Not to mention, the President will vacate the White House in one week’s time. Once again, I call on my colleagues on both sides to end the division -- not add to it. 
“We need to do everything in our power to reduce the tension and division tearing our nation apart and start to hold ourselves accountable for the words we use when talking with the American people. This starts with being honest about what we as Members of Congress can or cannot do under the Constitution, not relying on the kind of misleading rhetoric that led to the toxic and dangerous environment we find ourselves in today.”

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