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Mace Rejects Democrats' Attempts to Defund Police

March 3, 2021
Washington, D.C. – On Wednesday, Congresswoman Nancy Mace (SC-01) issued the following statement after voting against the House Democrats' bill to defund the police: 
“Like millions of Americans, I’ve watched in horror as criminal police officers abused their power against the very citizens they’re sworn to protect. We saw this play out in the devastating murder of George Floyd and countless others. This is unacceptable and it’s why I’ve spent my career working across the aisle to put real justice reforms into law, just as we did in the House last week.
"Unfortunately, rather than work with Republicans to meet this challenge, Democrats have reintroduced the same partisan ‘reform’ bill which went nowhere last year. And like last year, they’ve ignored Republican proposals to keep bad cops from hiding behind union contracts and require federal law enforcement to record interviews.
"Sadly, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is more interested in making hollow political statements than in working to solve problems. I’m ready to work with anyone and everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, to address this problem.”

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