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Rep. Mace Releases Statement on Proposal to Investigate Military Equipment Seized by the Taliban

September 2, 2021

Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Nancy Mace released the following statement on the introduction of an amendment to investigate the tracking and recouping of military equipment seized by the Taliban:

“As a direct result of the botched exit strategy for U.S. military personnel from Afghanistan, the Taliban now has armed themselves with a significant arsenal of U.S. weapons, helicopters, drones, and other equipment,” said Mace.

“You name it, they have it. It seems we have no clue exactly what or how many weapon platforms are now in the custody of the Taliban.

“My amendment would have facilitated any hope we may have of tracking and at least partially recouping these losses and determining the security risk they now represent to our nation.

“Unfortunately, Committee Democrats don’t seem to care. Today, every single Democrat on the House Oversight Committee voted against this measure, even though Inspector Generals across the federal government fall under our committee’s jurisdiction.

“This was an opportunity to work across the aisle on an enormously important issue facing our country, and we couldn’t do it. Very disappointing.”



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